10 Drought-Resistant Plants: Enhancing Your Garden with Water-Smart Choices

Moss rose, or portulaca, is popular for drought-resistant gardening. Its luscious, succulent leaves and vivid blossoms make it a desirable landscape addition.


This succulent category is characterized by its rosette-shaped leaves. They need little water once grown and are drought-tolerant.


The fragrant foliage and brilliant flowers attract pollinators and add elegance to any landscape.


Yucca plants are known for their architectural beauty and capacity to resist drought conditions.


Sedums are tolerant to poor soil. They grow in full sun with little water. Sedums can survive long droughts because their leaves retain water.


The herb rosemary is both drought-resistant and attractive, making it a popular culinary herb.


This drought-resistant shrub gives the yard a light feel. Full light and well-drained soil suit Russian sage.

Russian Sage

The California poppy is a vibrant wildflower that thrives in arid settings. Its large orange, yellow, or red blossoms brighten dry landscapes.

California Poppy

The coneflower (Echinacea) is a drought-tolerant perennial that produces gorgeous flowers with large cones in the center.


The succulent family includes plants that retain water in their leaves, stems, or roots, making them well-suited to arid climates.