10 Female Poets That Inspire Us In 2024

Maya Angelou (1928 2014)

Renowned for her powerful poetry including "Phenomenal Woman" and "Still I Rise," Angelou's work reflects her political activism and earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Mary Oliver (1935 2019)

Oliver's nature-inspired poetry, such as "Wild Geese," offers poignant reflections on everyday moments, resonating with readers seeking solace in the natural world.

Audre Lorde (1934 1992)

Lorde's passionate poetry confronts social injustices, drawing from her experiences as a black lesbian woman and advocating for equality through works like "A Woman Speaks."

Rupi Kaur (1992 )

A bestselling author, Kaur's concise and impactful poetry, often shared on social media, explores themes of womanhood and relationships, as seen in "Celebration."

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (1987 )

Espinoza's haunting poetry delves into gender identity and human experiences, challenging readers with works like "It Is Important To Be Something."

Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892 1950)

Millay's timeless poetry, such as "The Penitent," exhibits wit and strength, addressing issues of female expression and political progressivism.

Marge Piercy (1936 )

Piercy's feminist and environmentally conscious poetry, exemplified in works like "The Birthday of the World," urges action for political and environmental change.

Adrienne Rich (1929 2012)

Rich's influential poetry, spanning seven decades, critiques societal norms and advocates for feminism and anti-war movements, as seen in "A Mark of Resistance."

Rita Dove (1952 )

Dove's Pulitzer prize-winning poetry, like "Demeter s Prayer To Hades," draws from personal history and other art forms to create vivid and enchanting narratives.

Lucille Clifton (1936 2010)

Known for her concise yet powerful poetry celebrating women and African American family life, Clifton's works like "homage to my hips" resonate with readers seeking affirmation and empowerment.