This exercise, often called wrist flicks, improves the muscles that allow the fingers to flex and stretch. Also, it works wonders for warming up the wrists before performing other exercises.

Finger flicks

Another excellent method to warm up the hands and wrists is through finger slides, which also aid in enhancing range of motion.

Finger slides

Exercises for wrist extension can be done without a dumbbell by using a resistance band or a light household object.

Dumbbell wrist extension

Resistance bands or other weights can also be used for wrist flexion exercises.

Dumbbell wrist flexion

It's crucial that the action for this exercise originates below the elbow rather than from the shoulder. To perfect the technique, you might attempt it initially without any weights.

Dumbbell wrist pronation to supination

Just go as far as you can with your forearm resting on the support during this exercise. It might be best to start with weightless practice.

Dumbbell wrist radial to ulner deviation

The hands and wrists can be strengthened with this workout. Put your hands further in front of your shoulders to reduce the amount of weight on your wrists if you find it too difficult.

Finger push ups

You can increase the difficulty of this wrist stretch by holding your hands with your fingers pointing back toward your knees.

Tabletop wrist stretch

This is a great, mild stretch that you can perform at your desk or as a wrist exercise.

Prayer stretch

Stretch one arm out in front of you, pointing your fingers down toward the ground until the top of your wrist starts to ache.

Wrist rotations