6 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Starting Solids

Your baby will love bananas, but you'll soon find yourself cleaning off sticky clumps from walls and hair after each meal.

Not managing expectations

Potock says you have three options: parent-fed purées, baby-led weaning when babies exercise their motor abilities by feeding themselves, or a mix. 

Being unprepared

If your infant first dislikes sweet potatoes, it doesn't imply your timing is incorrect. Friedman says many infants require many exposures to a cuisine to grow comfortable with it. 

Starting too early or too late

If you're having trouble getting over a gourmet fussiness phase, it may be due to a missed sleep or teething. 

Throwing in the dish towel too quickly

Sharing a meal provides benefits and seems straightforward, but experts say it's not always possible. I wish babies could join family meals.

Putting too much pressure on yourself

Observing these indicators will help your child enjoy the procedure. We know that paying attention to baby's signs and providing pleasant vibes can assist baby enjoy feeding.

Not reading the cues