6 Rare Chocolate Varieties You've Never Heard Of

Ruby Chocolate: Ruby chocolate is a rare variety with a natural pink hue and a fruity flavor profile, discovered in the early 21st century, captivating chocolate enthusiasts with its vibrant appearance and unique taste.

Gold Chocolate: Gold chocolate, also known as blond chocolate, is a unique variety with a caramelized flavor and golden color, created by caramelizing the sugar in white chocolate, offering a rich and indulgent sensory experience.

Black Ivory Chocolate: Black Ivory chocolate is a rare and luxurious variety made from Thai-grown cacao beans that have been eaten and excreted by elephants, resulting in a uniquely flavored and expensive chocolate

Guayas: Guayas chocolate is a rare variety made from cacao beans grown in Ecuador's Guayas region, known for its distinct flavor profile characterized by floral and fruity notes, representing the rich biodiversity of Ecuadorian cacao.

Wild Beniano: Wild Beniano chocolate is sourced from the Beniano cacao tree, a rare and ancient variety found in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest, known for its complex flavor profile and fine aroma, reflecting the unique terroir of the Amazon basin.

Tumaco: Tumaco chocolate is a rare variety made from cacao beans grown in the Tumaco region of Colombia, known for its rich and robust flavor with hints of coffee and nuts, showcasing the exceptional quality of Colombian cacao beans.