6 Things Personal Trainers Do Every Morning for Better Mobility

 I have a lot of tightness in my lower back, so I try to do a child's position, which opens up my hips and lengthens my spine by extending out in front of me.

Do a 5-Minute Stretch Series

Decker recommends foam rolling your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps if you have hip mobility issues. She says your hips' range of motion may improve as they relax.

Foam Roll the Muscles Surrounding Tight Joints

Like Tang, you may benefit from concentrating a portion of your morning mobility program on recovered joint regions.

Target the Muscles Around Previously Injured Areas

I take a morning or evening yoga session at least once a week to connect to my body, breathe to the exercise, and create a place for body-mind awareness for focused mobility.

Flow Through a Yoga Practice

Rahmlow suggests mobility training for the hips, wrists, and scapulae, which often stiffen in desk workers.

Focus on These Joints for Desk Workers

Tai chi helps because you gently move your body, waking it up, and you have to be present to remember the next move.

Practice Tai Chi