7 Breathtaking US Spots for Your West Coast Road Trip

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, which stretches along US 101 and California Highway 1 for around 1,650 miles, is the ultimate road journey along the West Coast. This route runs all the way up to Seattle

Cascade Loop

North of Seattle and south of the Canadian border is a 440-mile driving loop known as the Cascade Loop. It's the perfect way to take in the stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest

West Coast National Parks

The National Parks on the West Coast provide a scenic route that highlights their finest features. If you have at least three weeks to spare, you should think about taking on this expedition.

San Diego to Santa Barbara

The 220-mile route from San Diego to Santa Barbara will take you through the middle and southern regions of California. Begin in San Diego to take in the unmistakable Californian beach vibes at Coronado

Columbia River Scenic Byway

Known as the "King of Roads," the 75-mile Columbia River Scenic Byway was built in the early 1900s with the intention of presenting the stunning landscape as little as possible.

San Francisco to Napa Valley

This road journey from San Francisco to California's Napa Valley is ideal if you have any wine knowledge. With a little over an hour's worth of driving time, it is conveniently short.

Oregon Coast Highway

The Oregon Coast Highway is a delightful drive. Though Portland's home state of Oregon is frequently disregarded in favor of showy California or outdoorsy Washington, Oregon