7 Freezer-Friendly Foods That Might Surprise You

Nuts are a great option for the freezer because of their low water content. Popular choices like walnuts, pistachios, and almonds can last for up to a year when stored properly!


You'll adore these tips if you're familiar with those swiftly wilting herbs that you really meant to use. On-stem herbs can be preserved in an airtight container, chopped, blended with water,

Fresh Herbs

This bread is simple to make and may be frozen without significantly changing its texture or structure. Place the sliced loaf in the freezer and take it out one piece at a time as needed.


More bacon after preparing brunch? When raw bacon is kept in an unopened container or airtight wrapping, your freezer will help it stay fresh for up to three months.

Uncooked Bacon

You can freeze tofu that is at all firm. When tofu is frozen, moisture is actually drawn out of the block, which restructures the food and makes meal prep even easier and maybe even more delicious when it comes time to eat.


Both salted and unsalted butter freeze well, making them maybe the best storage option for lovers of regular baking. Salted butter keeps for a year, whereas unsalted butter can be frozen for five to nine months.


More quinoa or rice? For a simple supper later on, slide thin layers of intact grains (stored in thin bags or packed with parchment in an airtight container) into the freezer.

Cooked Grains