7 Major Manicure Mistakes You Might Not Realize You're Making

Skipping the Base Coat—Or the Top Coat

We're all guilty of rushing. Skipping the base coat is tempting, but if you want a flawless, even manicure (especially if your nails have ridges), you must.

Cutting Your Cuticles

This means "leave it to the professionals." Don't clip your cuticles too much when doing a DIY manicure.

Applying Thick Coats of Polish

Every manicure esthetician understands that this nail polish mistake causes goopy, smudgy nails, so you'll never see it at the salon.

Forgetting About the Tips

This may be the worst cause of chipped nails, yet a quick cure makes all the difference.

Skipping Basic Prep

Don't rush your at-home manicure because you're not at a salon. Do the preliminary work to maximize your mani.

Filing Your Nails Incorrectly

Some of us accidentally damage our nails by filing too hard. PSA: Flaking or feathering tips indicate overfiling. 

Shaking the Nail Polish Bottle

Shaking the bottle creates air pockets in the polish, which transfer to the nail when painted. Avoid frantically pumping the brush into the bottle.