7 of the Most Gorgeous Zinnias You Absolutely Should Grow This Summer

Benary's Giant

"Most of the glory goes to the tall zinnias," says Eric Grissell, author of A History of Zinnias: Flowers for the Ages. He cites the popular Benary's Giant, a famous series named for the German seed business that produced it.

Oklahoma Zinnias

Matthews also grows 'Oklahoma' bold zinnias. Semi-double or double flowers have more petals, making them seem bigger. The 2-inch flowerheads of these 3-foot zinnias resemble "round lollipops bursting with color."

Cactus-Flowered Zinnias

Want to astonish your neighbors across the fence? Tangled or curled petals in brilliant hues characterize cactus-flowered zinnias.Giant Cactus Zinnias in Mixed Colors are perfect for a vibrant show with big flowers and quill-shaped petals.


Elizabeth Sanchez, owner of Tommy Austin Florist, part of BloomNation, recommends the Zinderella line for flower arrangements. Sanchez prefers the antique-y pink, lilac, and peach tones over.

Queeny Lime Zinnias

Queeny Lime zinnias have amazing colorful flowers. 'Queeny Lime Orange' won All-America Selections for its coral, peach, and apricot tints with soft green accents and top trial performance countrywide.

Jazzy Mix Zinnias

Matthews like Jazzy Mix zinnias for fall. "Their yellow, cream, orange, burgundy, and maroon shades are great for fall gardens and bouquets." They're smaller than most tall zinnias, but they still grow to 2 feet tall with 1-2-inch flowers.

Peppermint Stick Zinnia

Vintage 'Peppermint Stick' takes your garden from early October to the holidays, explains Matthews. The white or creamy yellow dahlia-like blooms have red streaks and speckles and vary in design.