7 Ways to Make Your Gray Hair Soft and Shiny, According to Stylists

Gray hair needs a different shampoo and conditioner. Your hair may require hydration now, so you may want to switch from volume or anti-frizz treatments.

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

Hair loses color and turns gray. It discolors easily when it loses pigment.

And a color-correcting shampoo

Turning the shower knob to cold may be surprising, but it keeps grays smooth and shining.

Add in a cool water rinse

A hair gloss is a secret expert trick for salon-fresh hair. "Think of this as the clear top coat to your manicure or the lip gloss to your lipstick."It boosts pop.

Add a gloss

A regular wash routine might make gray hair drier and brittle.

Wash less often

A healthy scalp implies healthy hair. Hair develops from the hair follicle out, thus scalp and root care are as vital as hair care.

Nurture your scalp

Comb, wash, and air-dry your brushes. Alcohol removes filth and debris from curling, flat, and blowdrying irons. Avoid cleaning hot instruments!

Clean your brushes and hair tools