8 Backyard BBQ Desserts

Mixed Berry Tiramisu

This refreshing twist on traditional tiramisu features fresh berries, crisp ladyfinger cookies, and mascarpone cheese, beautifully layered in a glass dish. It's a showstopper for any occasion.

Cookie Butter Pie

This no-bake pie made with Biscoff cookie butter is easy to customize with your favorite spread and toppings. It's rich, creamy, and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Marnier Frozen Soufflés

Perfect for summer, these frozen soufflés are light, refreshing, and can be prepared ahead of time. They make an elegant dessert for any gathering.

Lemon Ice Cream Cake

Combining sweet coconut and tart lemon, this ice cream cake is a delightful treat. The streusel adds a perfect crunch, and it's ideal for hot summer days.

Raspberry Moscow Cake

Inspired by the Moscow Mule cocktail, this cake is moist, flavorful, and perfect for any celebration. It's made from scratch and has become a favorite dessert.

Strawberry Pretzel Pie

This no-bake pie combines a sweet and salty pretzel crust with a creamy filling and fresh strawberries. It's a simple yet delicious dessert for warm weather.

Chocolate Dump Cake

This easy and quick dessert can be made with your favorite pie filling. It's perfect for gatherings and will make everyone think you spent all day baking.

Tropical Peach Crumble

This slow-cooker dessert is perfect for vacation days. It's easy to make, freeing up your time to relax. Serve it with melty ice cream for a perfect treat.