8 Best Food Franchises in the USA (2024 Ranking)


Truett Cathy started Chick-Fil-A in Hapeville, GA. Now one of America's most successful fast-food eateries. The U.S. has over 2,800 Chick-Fil-A restaurants, including 456 in Texas.


McDonald's is a famous QSR chain. Few people are unfamiliar with their “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign. They have almost 38,000 sites in 100 countries. About 93% of McDonald's restaurants are owned by local entrepreneurs.


The Taco Bell franchise is famous worldwide. In 1962, Downey, California became their first site. Over 7,200 Taco Bell and franchisee restaurants serve over 40 million people weekly in the US.


Crumbl, a rising cookie brand, brings people connect over cookies using technology. Their changing menu has over 200 flavors inspired by cakes, sweets, pies, and desserts.


Popular burger chain Culver's makes frozen custard, butterburgers, and cheese curds. From its original site in Sauk City, Wisconsin, they have expanded to over 800 restaurants in 25 states since 1984.


Dunkin' has been a prominent US coffee and baked products brand for almost 70 years. Dunkin' began franchising five years after Bill Rosenburg launched their first facility in Quincy, MA.


Dave Thomas launched Columbus' first Wendy's in 1969. Their fast-food establishment became renowned for square beef burgers and Frosty desserts quickly. 


Del Taco offers genuine Tex-Mex, fresh food, and franchises in established and unexplored regions. Jack in the Box bought Del Taco in 2022 and has expanded to +590 outlets in +15 states because to their devoted customers.


Chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, and salads have helped Zaxby's flourish. This company has over 900 sites in 18 states, mostly in the Southeast.