8 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 30 That Are So Flattering

Long layers

New York City freelance hairstylist Carrie Butterworth advises ladies with long, thick hair to place layers towards the bottom of their hair rather than around their faces.

Asymmetrical bangs

Bangs should only be worn if you have a high forehead, according to Butterworth, as they might highlight facial flaws.

Slightly cropped haircut

Ageing strands can appear older if you subject your hair to chemical treatments and heat style.

Shoulder-length hair 

Forget what you thought about having long hair after the age of 40; thick hair that falls shoulder-length or longer really looks more polished and youthful.

Curly bob

For this reason, chin-length hair is preferred by many older women over longer hair: "Long hair draws attention to drooping facial features by dragging the eyes down."

Long hair with waves

You are in luck if your hair is wavy.Having curly hair is a great texture since you can wear it straight.

Ombre ringlet hairstyle

Butterworth suggests layers for curly hair, but not too short. "Layers will show off the beautiful natural texture of the curl and release the weight of the hair," she says.

Side-swept bangs

As people age, their facial features become more noticeable and frequently severe, and having limp hair doesn't help.