8 Best Layered Haircuts for All Hair Types and Lengths

Hidden Layers

Hidden layers add movement, volume, and texture to short fine hair. This cut shapes and removes bulk without losing thickness.

Soft Layers

Soft layers are perfect for short fine hair, providing volume by removing weight and creating dimension.

Interior Layers

Interior layers reduce weight in thick hair while maintaining short length, resulting in light, healthy ends.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is ideal for short, curly hair, offering layers and fringe for shape and style, cut wet and shaped dry.

Square Layers

Square layers at collarbone length give fine hair fullness, creating the illusion of volume with a round brush blow-dry.

Beachy Texture

Light layers throughout medium-length hair add volume and beachy texture, achieving an effortless look with sea salt spray.

Face Framing Long Layers

Long layers with face-framing sections add movement and volume to medium-length thick hair for a soft look.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers give medium-length thick hair a cool, edgy vibe, feeling lighter without extra weight.

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