8 Genius Tips That'll Give You Clearer Skin for Free

Apply Skincare On Damp Skin

Game-changer. You may already spray your face before using a hyaluronic acid serum since it makes it bouncy. Imagine doing that before every step! This may take longer, but it makes your skin dewier

Pillow Talk

This laundry list may not include real laundry, but hear us out. You sleep for 7-8 hours each night. They naturally store oil, filth, and germs from your face, hair, and surroundings.

Cleanse, Twice

The polluted bubble we dwell in attacks our skin continuously. Our pores absorb pollution, grime, and dust, causing more damage than we realise. Double-cleanse your face before bed to "dry clean"

Indulge In Facial Massages

If you have time, give your skin a relaxing face massage. Apply a large amount of facial oil, moisturiser, or serum to your face and neck. Apply pressure on all your skin with your fingertips

Give Makeup A Miss

Regardless of whether their makeup is non-comedogenic, persons who use less makeup have better skin. Sometimes it's wonderful to be nude or wear minimal makeup.

Include Ginseng

It is rich in minerals and antioxidants that brighten, firm, stimulate elasticity and collagen formation, and fight ageing. It treats acne symptoms with anti-inflammatory effects.

Ditch The Towel

Limit the bath towel to below the neck. Similar to your pillow cover, your bath towel may harbour germs and cause acne. More importantly, air-drying your face lets water absorb into the skin

Ice It

Freezing is a certain way to have clean, bright skin. Ice on the face reduces acne, edoema, and inflammation and tightens skin. Icing adds blood to your face, making it seem bright and flushed even without pimples.