8 Shag Hairstyles That Are Trending Now

The New Shag

This modern take on the shag features softer layers for a feminine, textured look with bangs and waves, offering versatility in length and style.

Shaggy Bob

Inspired by French chic, this short bob with bangs embodies the shag style with choppy layers, ideal for oval faces seeking a tousled yet refined appearance.

Sleeker Shag

A contemporary twist on the shag cut, this style maintains tousled locks and bangs while adding a sleeker finish with the help of smoothing serums or oils for polished.

Shaggy Crop

This modern crop cut combines choppy layers and bangs of a shag cut in a slightly stacked, longer length, providing easy styling with a statement-making edge.

Old School Shag

A nod to retro vibes with a modern edge, this haircut blends classic shag elements with updated hair products for a fresh, textured look.

Cropped Top Shag

Emphasizing volume and shape, this shag style keeps the top layers short while maintaining classic shag characteristics, showcasing expert layering.

Side-Parted Shag

Classy and chic, this side-parted shaggy bob with thick bangs frames the face beautifully, offering body and style without committing to a center part.

Subdued Shag

For a softer approach, this style features center-part bangs and layers in a sleeker, longer cut, giving a quieter nod to the shag trend with modern elegance.

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