8 Small garden ideas that helps to maximise outdoor space with style

Get Your Lawn into Shape

A well-shaped lawn can define your garden. Consider geometric shapes like ovals, circles, or squares instead of the traditional rectangle. Investing in the right tools.

Plan Your Planting

Start your garden design with structural plants and fill in with flowering ones. Use evergreen shrubs for structure, and fill gaps with colorful flowering plants.


Trees can anchor your garden design, provide shade, screen views, and support wildlife. Multi-stem trees are a growing trend, offering architectural interest.

Beautiful Paving

Paving sets the tone for your garden. Grey or white stone suits a French country look, while black or silver paving works for modern designs.

Distinct Levels

If your garden has different levels, use grass steps or decking to create a seamless transition between areas. Decking is ideal for uneven gardens and can be designed with split levels

The Furniture

Choose garden furniture that suits your space. For small areas, folding furniture or compact L-shaped sofas are ideal. Larger spaces can accommodate full seating sets.

Pay Attention to Boundaries

In small gardens, boundary walls or fences are prominent, so make them visually appealing. Consider coordinating materials and colors, and use climbers to soften the look.

Screening and Zoning

Create separate 'rooms' in your garden with pergolas, fences, or plants. Hardy rose bushes or tall bamboo can serve as natural screens.

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