8 Unflattering Hairstyles Women Over 50 Should Avoid

Baby Bangs

Despite their trendiness, baby bangs can highlight wrinkles. Hair experts caution their short length may not suit everyone.

Curtain Bangs with Lob

Opt for curtain bangs at eyebrow level with a collarbone-length lob. They frame the face elegantly without emphasizing forehead lines.

Center-Parted Lobs Without Layers:

Middle parts can draw attention to forehead wrinkles. Instead, add layers and opt for a deep side part for volume and a youthful look.

Long Bangs

Shags with heavy layers can flatten hair and emphasize aging. Choose eyebrow-grazing fringe for a chic, youthful appearance.

Blunt Bangs

Avoid blunt bob cuts with thick bangs as they can accentuate age lines. Opt for layered lobs with curtain fringe for a softer look.

Straight Long Hair

Long, straight hair can weigh down features. Add face-framing layers for movement and a fresh appearance.

Mid-Length Bobs

Bobs ending at the neck can highlight fine lines. Opt for collarbone-length bobs or lobs with layers for a rejuvenated look.

One-Length Bobs

Avoid blunt, one-length bobs that lack movement. Opt for face-framing layers to add volume and texture.

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