8 Vacation Spots In Europe That Won't Break The Bank

Leipzig, Germany:

Discover Leipzig's long history, vibrant art scene, and offbeat nightlife, all without breaking the bank. From the Old Stock Exchange to Gohlis Palace, explore attractions with affordable admission fees.

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia:

Enjoy the serene beauty of Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia, offering a budget-friendly escape with historic forts, quaint churches, and winding streets.

Bansko, Bulgaria:

Explore Bansko's exotic ski experience and stunning surroundings in the Pirin Mountains, with low-cost lodging options and mouthwatering dining scenes.

Palermo, Italy:

Experience Palermo's stunning architecture, cultural scene, and delectable street food without breaking the bank, with many budget-friendly options available.

The Azores, Portugal:

Discover the natural beauty of the Azores archipelago in Portugal, offering adventurous activities like whale watching and hiking at affordable prices.

Budapest, Hungary:

Immerse yourself in Budapest's rich historical culture, panoramic cityscapes, and vibrant nightlife, all on a budget-friendly daily expense.

Athens, Greece:

Explore Athens' ancient glory without breaking the bank, indulging in local cuisine and browsing flea markets while enjoying affordable accommodations.

Kotor, Montenegro:

Discover the historic charm of Kotor in Montenegro, with UNESCO-recognized sites and walking tours available at little to no cost.