9 Aldi Items You Shouldn't Spend Your Money On

Brand-Name Products

Like the majority of supermarkets, Aldi offers a line of high-quality, incredibly reasonably priced goods under its own brand. When you visit an Aldi, it's a good idea to steer clear of name-brand merchandise and make use of the affordable Aldi selection, which includes baked goods, chips, and frozen pizzas.

Paper Products

While it may be tempting to purchase necessities like paper towels and toilet paper at Aldi, there are actually better deals to be found elsewhere. Although many big-box retailers provide discounts and coupons on comparable items, Aldi does not take coupons at all. 


Devoted Aldi customers are well aware that the boxed chicken isn't particularly noteworthy. One Reddit member even said that there wasn't much meat left in the chicken when it was ready to cook since she spent so much time removing the fat off the bird the last time she bought it at Aldi.


Although Aldi offers a plenty of fresh vegetables, its quality isn't always guaranteed. Consider going to a different market if you're only making the journey to pick up some fruit and vegetables so you can be sure you're receiving the greatest quality possible.

Hard Taco Shells

Taco shells that are hard enough to handle your contents should be tasty and long-lasting. Sadly, the Aldi brand falls short of other brands. The Corn Hard Tortillas "tasted stale and were crumbly," which is exactly what you don't want for your supper, according to a number of Reddit users.  

Shredded Cheese

Granted, it's convenient to have some shredded cheese in the fridge for tacos or omelets, but it's not as useful as you may assume. Cellulose is an ingredient in a variety of shredded cheeses, such as Happy Farms Shredded Mozzarella Cheese and Aldi's Emporium Selection Shredded Parmesan Cheese.

Deli Meat

Aldi stores are designed such that there isn't a deli counter inside, but they do have pre-sliced deli meats that are excellent for a quick school lunch or snack. Some people may not find this problematic.

Frozen Fish Sticks

To have on hand for a fast lunch or dinner, fish sticks make a fantastic freezer option. Even though the fish sticks from the Aldi brand are reasonably priced, you shouldn't always add them to your cart. 


Generally speaking, it's advisable to get yogurt from a different store. This is because Reddit users have complained that Aldi's yogurt is thin and watery, not very tasty—especially if you like homemade tzatziki or a fruit parfait. Your best options are to create your own yogurt at home or try a different brand.