9 Best Honeymoon Destinations for the Dreamiest Trip You’ll Ever Take

The Maldives: Unless you live in Sri Lanka, visiting any of the 1,190 islands (187 inhabited) in this Indian Ocean paradise is a commitment. If not, your journey will include one long-haul flight, several short plane rides, and potentially a boat ride.

Santorini, Greece: On the steep hills of this beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea, the sun shines down and illuminates the unique whitewashed stone homes and their blue roofs. The island has tiny paths where couples must walk hand-in-hand and gorgeous flowers.

Mexico City, Mexico: Not everyone thinks the beach is the finest honeymoon spot. Mexico City attracts lovers with a vibrant art scene, huge public parks, centuries of history, attractive museums, architecturally notable structures, ETC.

Dominica: Dominica, not the Dominican Republic, is a Caribbean jewel most people ignore. Nature Island—with its volcanoes, 12 waterfalls, natural coastal hot tubs, secret coves, black-sand beaches, freshwater streams, and lush rainforests—should be considered by outdoorsy couples

Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto is Japan's cultural and historical center, opposite neon-lit Tokyo. It has ornate Buddhist temples, 1,000-year-old gingko trees, meditation gardens, and winding brooks in a small, tranquil city.

Maui, Hawaii: All Hawaiian islands are great honeymoon destinations in the US. Maui has beautiful rainforests, dramatic waterfalls, a volcano to explore at Haleakala National Park, scenic beaches, and whale viewing (November–May).

Bermuda: We think Barbie would leave Malibu and buy another dream home in this pink-sand island kingdom. Bermuda has British traditions, flamboyant festivals, a love of sailing, a diverse population, and almost-translucent waters full of shipwrecks

Amalfi Coast, Italy: The stretch of prime beachfront between the Bay of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno may be the dreamiest honeymoon spot in Europe. The highly winding SS163 roadway connects 13 quainter and nicer hamlets with beautiful swimming grottos and vista points, which are worth the ride.