9 Drinks Bartenders Are Sick And Tired Of Making


If the location does not have an ice crusher, it is inconvenient to manufacture mojitos. Using a muddler to smash ice during happy hour takes an eternity.

Long Island Iced Teas

Most drinks are fun to make, however since you have to mix five separate liquors, I think Long Islands are a crap drink.

Piña Coladas

Those. Oh no. Piña. Coladas. To be honest, making most frozen cocktails is a pain. I understand that frozen beverages are amazing during the summer months when it's hot outside, but when the bar is packed

Lemon Drops

When I made these, I always ended up with sugar under my nails since they are so sticky.

Bloody Marys (during non-brunch hours)

We prepare the mixture and toppings ahead of time. We normally wait until the next morning to make another batch after breakfast is finished. Bloody Marys are very difficult to make per order


It constantly annoys me to find sugar cubes and dust off the bitters because I work in a divey live music pub.

"Gin and Juice"

Please don't approach me and want a "gin and juice." Sure, we've all heard the tune. I'm still curious about the type of juice. juice made from pineapples? Juice from cranberries?


To get it just perfect, we have to break the ice by hand and then pour all the booze into the glass in a specific order. It takes a very long time.

Irish Car Bombs

When I used to be a bartender, I used to HATE Irish car bombs. My bar top was damaged when the shot was dropped in, and the heavy residue in the glass that followed contaminated