9 Most Trending Nail Art Designs For Short Nails – 2024

Glitter Stars

This design features glossy, glittery stars. It's achieved by creating small triangles and connecting them to form stars. The glitter adds sparkle without needing to create full stars.

Flame Tips

A modern twist on French tips, incorporating lively flames. You can use white or mix it up with neon or primary colors for a vibrant look.

Pastel Hearts

Reminiscent of Valentine's Day candy, this design features pastel hearts instead of traditional red or hot pink ones. It's a sweet and soft variation.

Green and Gold Accents

Not quite a French tip, this design features elegant gold and green accents on the tips, creating an interesting negative space effect.

Yellow Half Moons

Adding a pop of color to a subtle manicure, yellow half moons are placed at the base of the nail. You can experiment with other shades besides yellow.


These nails feature heart-shaped jewels at the center with a golden starburst surrounding them. It's a glamorous and eye-catching design.

Blooming Flowers

Using bold colors, this design's highlight is the blooming gel base. Five dots of colored polish on top of the gel base slowly expand to create petals, mimicking blooming flowers.

Gel Fruit

Translucent gel hues are turned into adorable fruits with green polish accents. They can be added to a neutral or bright base for a playful touch.

Racing Stripes

A variation of the classic French manicure, this design features double white lines concentrated to the left of the nail, giving it a sporty look.

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