9 of the Best Haircuts for Men Over 40

Textured Crop

This style works wonders for thinning hair by adding texture, creating the appearance of fullness. Rodney Cutler advises using matte clay or paste to build volume.

 Buzz Cut

More than just a simple trim, the buzz cut with tapered sides and a slightly longer top, as seen on Sterling K. Brown, elongates the face and reduces maintenance.

Classic Look

Justin Timberlake's classic style remains timeless, offering versatility with a side part or tousled texture on top. It's a go-to for men preferring a polished appearance.

Textured Volume

Daniel Kaluuya’s textured volume adds natural height and body, requiring minimal styling while still looking effortlessly put together. 

Full Shave

Embracing baldness, like Dwayne Johnson, simplifies grooming routines and offers a bold, confident look. Gregory Patterson suggests sunscreen for scalp protection.

Grown-Out Fade

Kevin Hart’s grown-out fade strikes the perfect balance between sharpness and relaxed style, ideal for men navigating professional.

Styled Quiff

Matt Bomer’s suave quiff combines short sides with a swept-up top, achieving a sophisticated yet approachable look. It's favored for its ability to be styled messy.

Natural Waves

Oscar Isaac’s natural waves provide a laid-back charm with a hint of sophistication. Keeping the sides short enhances the top’s volume.

Close Crop

Kanye West's close crop is a practical choice for men preferring a bit of hair without high maintenance. Adding a touch of dye or bleach, as suggested by Gregory Patterson.

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