9 Pixie Cuts for Every Hair Texture

Bleached Bixie Cut

A bixie cut combines the sophistication of a pixie with the versatility of a bob. This style is longer than a pixie cut but shorter than a traditional bob, offering various styling options.

Veiled Short Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can be styled with accessories like a veil for a unique look. Emma Corrin shows how a pixie cut can be both elegant and versatile.

Middle-Parted Pixie Cut

This pixie cut features a deep red color with curls and a middle part, demonstrating how to make a pixie cut stylish and personalized.

S-Waved Pixie Cut

Through the use of waves that frame the face, Lori Harvey's pixie cut with an S-wave gives a touch of old-Hollywood glamor to her look.

Asymmetrical Bixie Cut

Ciara's asymmetrical bixie cut features a deep side part and sleek black locks, offering a stylish and modern take on the bixie.

Flippy Bixie Cut

Katie Maloney often wears her bixie tucked behind her ears and flipped out at the ends, adding a playful touch to the style.

Faux Curly Pixie

Keke Palmer s faux pixie cut uses a wig or top bun to achieve the look of a short style without actually cutting the hair.

Ear-Framing Pixie Cut

Doja Cat's pixie cut features longer hair around the ears for face-framing, showing how to style a pixie with an edgy, yet flattering look.

Icy Pixie Cut

Pomade is used to smooth down Pom Klementieff's frosty, side-parted pixie cut, which results in a style that is both stylish and professional.

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