9 Pretty Plants That Will Make Your Garden Smell Great

Purple blossoms and a relaxing smell characterize this popular herb. It grows easily and attracts bees and butterflies.


Many roses smell sweet and romantic. Old-fashioned Damask or Bourbon roses have the strongest scent.


A powerful, sweet aroma makes this climbing plant stand out at night. It may grow on trellises and arbors.


Beautiful white blossoms with a rich, sweet tuberose aroma. They like acidic soil and moderate shade.


The climbing vine's honey-like aroma is strongest in the morning and evening.


This shrub's tiny, pink or white blossoms smell strong. Prefers moderate shade and well-drained soil.


This little annual produces exquisite white or purple flowers with a honey-like aroma. It grows easily and attracts bees and butterflies.

Sweet Alyssum

Tall stems with trumpet-shaped flowers in various hues characterize this bulb. Flower aroma is sweet and spicy, and they keep long in vases.


Small, fragrant pink, purple, or white blooms cover tall spikes of this annual. It likes light and drainage.