Defy Boredom with These 9 Chic Short Natural Hairstyles

Mini Afro

Embrace simplicity with a mini Afro, like Solange’s platinum blonde twist. Style with a natural hair sponge for defined curls.

Tapered Afro

Enhance your Afro with a tapered cut, perfect for showcasing natural curls or a wash-and-go style using Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam.

Box Braid Bob

A chic bob with box braids, such as Amandla Stenberg’s copper style, using hypoallergenic extensions for sensitive scalps.

Fauxhawk Pixie

Halle Berry’s edgy fauxhawk pixie cut is low-maintenance and high impact, ideal for a bold look without hassle.


Channel Doja Cat with a daring blonde buzzcut. Keep your scalp hydrated with products like Crown Affair Scalp Serum.

Afro Bangs

Danai Gurira’s Afro bangs add flair with gold twine embellishment, elevating a classic curly ’fro.

Mini Afro

Saweetie’s timeless finger waves are achieved with Mizani Styling Foam and Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel for lasting definition.

Side Part Finger Coils

Highlight your face shape with neat side part finger coils, adding volume and style effortlessly.

High Puff

Go classic with a high puff, secured with a wide elastic band and styled with Pattern Beauty Hair Pick for a polished look.

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