Five Steps for a Nail Deep Cleaning

Clean dirt from under your nails

To get rid of grit and other built-up crud, clean under your fingernails using the tip of a nail pick or a pair of clippers. To ensure that you can easily see your nails, do this in a well-lit restroom.

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Hand wash with warm water and a light natural soap. Just wash your hands; you don't need to pay special attention to your nails.

Soak your nails in a bowl of warm, soapy water for about three minutes

Just the very tips of your fingers should be submerged in water; do not submerge your entire hand. Allow the tips to soften a little. 

Use a nail brush to scrub the tops

After soaking, thoroughly clean your nails, getting beneath them as well. After you're done, pat dry your hands.

Remove nail polish, if necessary

Utilizing cotton balls or wipes and a strong nail polish remover, moisten them with the remover. To remove any remaining nail polish, give your nails a thorough scrub.