Hidden Beaches Around the World You Need to Know About


Breivika on Vaeroy Island boasts white sands, turquoise waters, and towering cliffs. Experience tee-shirt weather briefly each year in this secluded paradise.Visit Breivika from the 2nd week of July to the 3rd week of August.

Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach features stunning black sand, rugged coastlines, and perfect conditions for surfing, blokarting, and kite flying.Plan your visit from the 3rd week of November to March to enjoy Muriwai Beach at its best.

Anse Source d’Argent

With clear waters, golden sands, and majestic granite formations, Anse Source d’Argent is a must-visit for breathtaking scenery and snorkeling.June to October is the ideal time to visit for the best snorkeling and swimming conditions.

Praia Do Penedo

Surrounded by cliffs and pebble-strewn shores, Praia Do Penedo offers a serene escape for sunbathing, surfing, and hiking. Visit from May to October for the best weather and beach activities.

Cala Deià Beach

Cala Deià Beach features clear waters, rock pools, and two excellent seafood restaurants. Perfect for a quiet and scenic beach day.April to November provides ideal weather for sunbathing and photography.

Praia Trancoso

Praia Trancoso combines bohemian culture with serene beach scenes, perfect for surfing, swimming, and enjoying local music. May to September is the best time to experience the tranquil and vibrant atmosphere of Praia Trancoso.


Peru is not known for its beaches, unlike its neighboring countries. However, Mancora is a rare departure. The village of Mancora has a great, serene beach that generally escapes the attention of tourists.