International yoga day 2024: 8 immunity boosting yoga poses

Stand with feet together, shift weight to left foot, place right foot on inner left thigh, raise hands in Namaskar gesture. Helps calm mind and reduce stress.


Lie on back, slide hands under hips, lift chest and tilt head back. Promotes deep breathing, ideal for cooling down in summer.


Lie flat on back, arms by sides, eyes closed. Breathe deeply and relax to refresh body and mind, perfect for summer relaxation.


Sit with crossed legs, each foot on opposite thigh. Promotes relaxation, flexibility, and balances energy levels to keep cool in hot weather.


Sit straight with crossed legs, hands on thighs. Ideal for meditation and relaxation, suitable for beginners to release lower body tension.


Arch back like a cat stretching on inhale, round back like a scared cat on exhale. Relieves spine tension and stress.


Sit, feet together, hold feet with hands. Relieves summer blues, enhances blood circulation, and boosts immunity.

Baddha Konasana

Kneel, hands on lower back, hold heels. Stretches body, activates muscles, improves posture, relieves fatigue, and promotes relaxation.