Photographs and Facts about Over 9 Interesting Safari Animals

Enjoying the enviable position at the top of the food chain with no predators, the lion rules the wide-open African plains.


African leopards are notoriously difficult to spot due to their solitary nature and nocturnal habits. Tips for spotting Leopard.


Most elephants live in herds and are easier to spot in the dry season around waterholes. Tips for spotting Elephants.

African Elephant

The only wild cattle species in Africa, buffalos are often found in large herds near waterholes. Tips for spotting Buffalo.

African Buffalo

Known for their speed, cheetahs hunt during the day in open grasslands. Tips for spotting Cheetah – Morning drives in open plains.


Versatile scavengers found in various habitats across Africa. Tips for spotting Hyena – Early morning drives are best for observing.


Tactical scavengers often found near kills or in desolate areas. Tips for spotting Jackal – Look for them scavenging.


Hunt in packs and known for their stamina during chases. Tips for spotting Wild Dogs – Bush and grasslands in reserves.

African Wild Dog

Dangerous and territorial, hippos are mainly seen in water during the day. Tips for spotting Hippo – Night safaris offer better.

Common Hippo

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