The 7 Cute Natural Hairstyles You ll Be Obsessed With


Although this approach often requires many stages, the benefits are definitely worth the somewhat deceptive moniker "wash-and-go.

Bantu Knots

Tightly coiled buns are the typical African manner, not knots as such. The buns look great just as they are, or for bouncy curls, do a Bantu knot-out.

High Puff

Many coily females prefer this low manipulation look. It's not only attractive, but because your hair isn't rubbing against your clothing, it's an excellent style for retaining length.

Low Puff

When wash day approaches and we're feeling a little slothful, we prefer to do low puffs. With a boar-bristle brush and some gel, you can appear sleek.


An Afro combines the greatest aspects of both worlds. It's really fashionable for any situation and somewhat little upkeep. To increase drama, point it out.


A classic among simple natural hairstyles, twist-outs are a fantastic low-manipulation way to keep your curls firm and tangle-free over the week.


Tangles and breaks can result from shrinking in curly and coily hair. Without the heat, braid-outs let you extend your hair.