The 8 Best Annual Flowers and Plants to Bring the 'Wow' Factor


Zinnias, a genuine annual, are simple to cultivate from seed and reseed, making them a lazy gardener's pleasure. Zinnias in butterfly gardens may attract hummingbirds.


You can't go wrong with these easy-care flowers for yard beds, window boxes, pots, and containers. They come in pretty shades of pink, red, white, yellow, and purple.

'Aaron' Caladium

Annual plantings go beyond flowers. Beautiful heart-shaped leaves with dark green borders and pale centers make 'Aaron' caladium a favorite of Father Nature Landscapes' landscape designer Daniel McCurry.

Florida Foliage 'Blue Daze' Evolvulus

This low-growing ground cover, which is also called shaggy dwarf morning glory, can handle both drought and heat. It has a lot of beauty. It's another one of McCurry's favorite plants for planting every year.


No deadheading or trimming is needed for these delicate white, pink, and red blossoms. In October, you may bring them inside or dig out their tubers for next year.


These heat- and drought-tolerant flowers are perfect for gardeners down South. Even the hottest, sunniest days won't ruin these beauties. In warmer regions, they'll continue to flourish through the fall.


The brains, fans, and wings of these bright beauties are just a few of the shapes and colors they come in. They also grow quickly and are very simple to take care of.


The more you cut these cute and girly flowers, the bigger and faster they grow. All summer long, you'll have pretty petals in shades of pink, white, or purple in your yard.