The Best Hairstyles for 8 Different Body Types

Rectangle or “Banana” Body Type

Opt for soft, textured styles like beach waves to add curves. Avoid harsh lines and go for layered cuts to add volume.

Triangle or “Pear” Body Type

Balance narrow shoulders with volume around the upper body using curls or graduated cuts. A-line bobs and root shadows work well.

Spoon Body Type

Emphasize longer hair with waves to complement curves. Curtain bangs frame the face beautifully.

Hourglass Body Type

Enhance balanced proportions with flowing, textured hair. Experiment with side parts and short, textured cuts.

Top Hourglass Body Type

With slightly broader shoulders compared to hips, opt for hairstyles that soften the upper body. Medium-length cuts with subtle layers create balance.

Inverted Triangle or “Apple” Body Type

Broad shoulders and narrower hips benefit from hairstyles that soften the upper body. Soft, flowing styles and layers help to create balance

Round or Oval Body Type

If you have a fuller midsection and narrower hips, elongate your silhouette with sleek, long hairstyles. Vertical lines in haircuts and styles help to visually lengthen the torso

Diamond Body Type

Narrow shoulders and fuller waistlines benefit from hairstyles that add volume and width. Textured, voluminous styles and chin-length bobs create balance

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