Top 10 Balance Exercises For Coordination

Standing on one leg

Hold onto a chair or countertop for support at first, then let go as you get better. For instance, stand on your left leg for 10 seconds, then your right.

Heel-to-toe walk

One of the simplest balance exercises. Heel-to-toe walking involves stepping straight with one foot's heel in front of the other's toes.

Side-to-side walk

Any exercise that tests balance is a balance exercise. This can be standing on one foot or crossing a beam.

One-leg stand

One-leg standBasic balancing tests can be done anywhere. Steps to do the one-leg stand: Stand with feet together and arms at sides.

Calf raises

This balance practice is great for beginners. Stand with your hands on your hips and feet shoulder-width apart.

Leg swings

This balance exercise can be done at home without equipment. Hold onto a strong chair or tabletop for support.

Hip abduction/adduction exercises

This workout boosts balance and coordination. Get stable by standing on one leg with your hand on support.

Knee extensions/flexions

Many people assume the only way to improve their balance is to practice one-legged activities.

Ankle rotations

Patients undergoing surgery or rehabilitation may be administered ankle rotation balance exercises.

Toe raises

The ankles are important for balance, yet most people think of the calves. The tibialis anterior, which lifts the foot, is worked with toe raises.