Top 10 Bedroom Plants For Improved Sleep


Because aglaonema can withstand very low light levels, it is best suited for bedrooms without large windows. When the top few inches of soil appear dry, water it.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a succulent, so it only needs to be watered once every two weeks, and it doesn't mind low light.

Money Tree

The money tree, which is said to bring good fortune, has a pleasant, contemporary vibe and grows swiftly without requiring much care. It will be content if you give it modest light and water it once every two weeks.


Any amount of light, from low to high, is acceptable to the pothos plant. (This implies that it's quite simple to stay alive!) The only true method to harm this plant is to overwater it


Sleep and tranquility have long been associated with lavender. While the majority of studies has focused on the use of lavender essential oils, it certainly can't hurt to have a live lavender plant in your bedroom.

Heartleaf Philodendron

For novice plant parents, this attractive vining plant is a fantastic option. It can withstand low light levels and looks lovely when its glossy

Bird's Nest Fern

One of the greatest ferns to grow inside is this cute one. It doesn't make a mess by losing leaf on a daily basis, and its thick, waxy leaves help it retain water better than many other ferns with finer fronds.

ZZ Plant

Because of its hardiness, this plant is excellent for bedrooms with limited natural light. Low light—or hardly none at all—will really work just well for it. Give it some water every couple weeks.

Ric Rac Cactus

This playful plant has the appearance of an antique ric rac trim. It just has to be watered once per week to ten days because it is a succulent, yet it will grow wildly in brilliant indirect light.


With merely bright indirect light, this beautiful social media hit may develop easily. When the top few inches of soil appear dry, provide water.