Top 8 Haircuts for Men & Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2024

Modern Mullet Hair

2024 keeps the Modern Mullet in vogue, inspired by the Y2K revival. This adaptable style, ranging from spiky to curly, suits any taste, making bold or subtle statements.

Korean Mullet, Semi-Leaf Cut

A hit in NY and Seoul, this medium-length style with extended nape and textured layers is now sweeping Asia. It's a blend of elegance and edginess for the fashion-forward man.

Spiky Mullet

Combining the classic mullet's extended nape with a spiky twist, the spiky mullet expresses individuality. Use a firm gel to spike the top, balancing the sleek back for a standout look.

Center Part Mullet, Curtain Mullet

Originating from Korea, this medium style features collar-length hair and center-parted bangs, offering a fresh take on the classic mullet. Smooth bangs and a neat nape create an effortlessly cool look.

Short Mullet

Gaining traction in Europe and Asia, the short mullet blends business and style. Known as the "Fade Mullet," it features slightly longer collars than a traditional fade, ideal for a sharp, modern look.

Ivy League Cut

Inspired by Korean styles, the Ivy League cut is gaining global popularity. This chic variation of the crew cut is sleek and polished. Keep it neatly trimmed with a touch of texture for a refined look.

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut, popular in Western and ASEAN countries, is making a comeback. Its simple charm and natural texture are embraced for understated elegance. Opt for a matte finish and neat trim for laid-back luxury.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut resurges as a top trend, matching barber culture and Y2K influences. This ultra-short style is a fashion statement of simplicity and edginess, offering a sharp, low-maintenance look.

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