Top 8 Midwater Schooling Fish for Your Next Aquarium

Green Neon Tetra

Green neon tetras are smaller than standard neon tetras and have an iridescent blue-green horizontal stripe that sparkles even when the tank light is off.

Pygmy Corydoras

This 1-inch dwarf corydoras flutters its fins and hovers like a hummingbird in the aquarium. They perch on above-ground plant leaves and driftwood. 

Serpae Tetra

Smaller fish might be shy, so consider the serpae tetra for brilliant colors and confidence. In planted aquariums, their red-orange bodies with black and white patterns stand out. 

Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish

We wanted to sneak in this almond-shaped rainbowfish with sparkly blue scales and red-orange fins, even though most rainbowfish prefer the upper part of the water column. 

Von Rio Tetra

This species, known as the flaming tetra, has a bright yellow front and red rear. They are deep-bodied and 1.5 2 inches (4 5 cm) long. 

Harlequin and Lambchop Rasboras

Their orange bodies and black triangular patches near the tail look great amid an underwater plant forest.

Congo Tetra

Females are smaller and have a silvery-gold shine, while males have brilliant blue and red-orange horizontal stripes and flowing finnage.

Celestial Pearl Danio

Their red-orange fins and golden-dotted bodies resemble little stream trout, making them ideal for environmental scenes.