Travel Traps: 8 Tourist Destinations That Disappoint

Manneken Pis, Brussels

Everyone says you must see it, but Brussels most famous monument is just a small statue of a boy peeing. It's underwhelming and you're better off enjoying another Belgian beer.

Spanish Steps, Rome

Expecting grandeur? The Spanish Steps are just an ordinary staircase leading from one unremarkable place to another. Definitely not worth the hype.

Mona Lisa, Paris

The painting itself is iconic, but the room is packed with tourists, making it impossible to truly appreciate the world's most famous portrait.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Admit it: you came hoping to see the Loch Ness Monster. Instead, you'll find a large, cold body of water in a remote location. Disappointing.

Plymouth Rock, USA

A small, plain rock inscribed with "1620" to mark the Pilgrims' landing. It's a historical footnote, but hardly a riveting attraction.

Stonehenge, UK

The backstory is intriguing, but the site itself is just a collection of big rocks you can't get close to. It's more interesting to read about than to visit.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is charming but overcrowded with tourists, which spoils its beauty. The town would be delightful without the constant swarm of visitors.

Hobbiton, New Zealand

Tolkien fans might enjoy it, but the casual visitor will find New Zealand s natural landscapes more impressive than this set of small, round-doored houses. Not worth the trip.