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We established our exceptional company, J&H Excavating, LLC, in 2020, and our contractors have more than 12 years in the industry of providing dependable excavation service. That means you can expect absolute perfection, safety measures exceeding your expectations, and results as lovely as ever for your property in and around the Cutler, OH area! We work with residential and commercial customers and have an open schedule, so call and set your time with skilled, dependable workers!

Excavating Safely Is the Goal

Being certified, bonded, and insured was not a goal for us, per se. It was more of a necessity; qualities we found to be necessary to begin offering services to our customers. But the goal was something completely different. It wasn’t to impress with documentation and words. We wanted to impress you with impeccable quality and keep your safety as our number one priority! An excavating contractor knows just how dangerous larger projects can be, and any of our experts will know exactly what steps to take to keep everyone safe!

Excavating Contractor

Diligence and Caution Are Essential

When customers see our passion for the work and how safe we like our excavation service to be, they see the workers they want to hire. People value safety, and the fact that we’re qualified to offer it and still get impeccable results for your projects is something that makes us shoot right up to the top of the list of dependable contractors. We respect everything you need and your property with all of its particularities, and we will keep everything in mind while working!

Call J&H Excavating, LLC at (740) 246-7998, and request to work with the perfect excavating contractor! You need to know that, in and around the Cutler, OH area, we are the ones who will offer exceptional services and great quality throughout our work. We care for your safety, so every move we make will be well thought-through and measured!


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